Salad “Crab Fantasy”

Fans of crab stick salads will probably like this recipe. It is inexpensive and easy to prepare, but its taste is simply incredible. Cucumbers give the dish a fresh note, and grated apple makes the salad juicy. The ingredients are perfectly combined, creating a delicate and harmonious taste.

The salad can be served in portions, putting it in wide glasses or cream cups. It is also convenient to shape the dish with the help of a cooking ring or the sides of a detachable baking dish.

Ingredients for preparing “Crab Fantasy” salad:


  • Crab sticks – 200 g.

  • Chicken eggs – 4 pcs.

  • Processed cheese – 200 g.

  • Butter – 50 g.

  • Fresh cucumber – 2 pcs.

  • Sweet and sour apple – 1 pc.

  • Mayonnaise – 100 g.

  • Salt to taste.

  • Parsley – several sprigs for decoration.

Recipe for salad “Crab fantasy”

Step–by–step instructions:

1. Grind the processed cheese on a fine grater, put it in a deep salad bowl. We apply a mesh of mayonnaise on top.

2. Remove the crab sticks from the refrigerator in advance so that they thaw. We clean them from the packaging, cut them into small cubes. Place half of the chopped crab sticks on top of the melted cheese. Add a little mayonnaise.

3. Wash fresh cucumbers, cut off the tails, peel the vegetables. Cut the cucumbers into thin strips, put them in a salad bowl with the next layer. Add salt to taste, grease the vegetables with a small amount of mayonnaise.

4. Hard–boil the chicken eggs, cool them in cold water, and peel them. Carefully separate the whites from the yolks. Grind the proteins on a large grater, add to the salad. Salt the ingredients to taste, apply a mesh of mayonnaise on top.

5. As the next layer, put cold butter, finely grated, into the salad. This layer does not need to be greased with mayonnaise.

6. Wash the sweet and sour apple, peel it, remove the core with seeds. Grind the apple on a large grater. Evenly distribute the grated apple on top of the butter. Spread a layer of fruit with a small amount of mayonnaise.

7. Spread the second half of the chopped crab sticks on top of the apples, apply a thin mesh of mayonnaise.

8. The last layer of the salad is grated boiled yolks. It is not necessary to grease them with mayonnaise.

9. Juicy and delicate salad “Crab Fantasy” is ready. We decorate it with fresh herbs and send it to infuse in the refrigerator for 1 hour.

Bon appetit!

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