Delicate nut cake

This dessert is one of my top five favorite cakes. Quick preparation, a simple set of ingredients and amazing taste make this cake ideal. The dessert is light and very tasty. Airy sponge cakes with nut crumbs are ideally combined with delicate custard. The cake turns out very soft and just melts in your mouth.

I baked the cakes in the oven using 2 cooking rings with a diameter of 20–22 cm, covered with foil. It is convenient to use 2 identical baking dishes of suitable diameter for this purpose. If desired, the dough can be evenly distributed on a baking sheet lined with parchment and bake one rectangular cake, and then simply cut it in half.

Walnuts in the recipe can be replaced with peanuts, almonds or hazelnuts.

Ingredients for making a delicate nut cake:


  • Ingredients for the crust:
  • Wheat flour – 200 g.

  • Chicken eggs – 3 pcs.

  • Sugar – 120 g.

  • Milk – 120 ml.

  • Refined vegetable oil – 120 ml.

  • Walnuts – 60 g.

  • Baking powder – 12 g.

  • Vanillin – 2 g.

  • Salt – 2 g.

  • Ingredients for cream:
  • Milk – 800 ml.

  • Chicken yolks – 2 pcs.

  • Sugar – 125 g.

  • Corn starch – 40 g.

  • Butter – 40 g.

  • White chocolate – 60 g.

  • Vanillin – 2 g.

Recipe for making a delicate nut cake

Step–by–step instruction:

1. To prepare the dough, mix chicken eggs and sugar in a deep bowl. Add a pinch of salt and vanilla.

2. At maximum mixer speed, beat the ingredients for 8–10 minutes until a fluffy and light mass is obtained. Pour refined vegetable oil and milk at room temperature into the resulting mixture.

3. Beat the ingredients at maximum mixer speed for 1–2 minutes, achieving a homogeneous mixture consistency. Mix wheat flour with baking powder. In 3 additions, add the flour mixture into the dough, each time mixing the ingredients until smooth at low mixer speed.

4. Grind the walnut kernels in a blender bowl into fine crumbs.

5. Add chopped nuts to the dough. Gently mix the ingredients with a silicone spatula using upward movements so that the dough does not fall.

6. Divide the dough evenly among 2 baking dishes with a diameter of 20–22 cm. Place the cakes in an oven preheated to 165 degrees and bake for 20–25 minutes until lightly golden brown. Cool the finished cakes on a wire rack to room temperature.

7. Meanwhile, prepare the cream. In a ladle or small saucepan, mix sugar, cornstarch, 2 chicken yolks and vanilla.

8. Constantly stirring the mixture, pour milk at room temperature into it in a thin stream. Place the ladle with cream on low heat. Stirring constantly, bring the cream to a boil, then remove it from the heat.

9. Immediately add butter and white chocolate to the hot cream. Stir the cream until the butter and chocolate are completely melted and the mass becomes homogeneous. Cover the cream with cling film and cool to room temperature.

10. Trim the cakes, cutting off the tops. Place one cake layer in a cooking ring. Spread half of the custard evenly on top.

11. Place the second cake layer on top of the cream. Distribute the remaining cream evenly on top. Grind the tops of the cakes in a blender bowl into coarse crumbs and distribute evenly over the cream.

12. Cover the cooking ring with the cake with cling film. Place the dessert in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours to allow the cake to infuse and soak.

13. Incredibly tender, airy nut cake, served with tea or coffee. If desired, the dessert can be decorated with walnut kernels.

Bon appetit!

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